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world class recording + production services

for artists, singers, directors, DJs, rappers, visual media producers, and creatives


music production, ​TV + film score, custom composition, recording, mixing + mastering

past clients include;


We have a great selection of mics available in house and an SSL USB  + Apollo twin audio interfaces in each studio.


We can also provide access to some of the industry’s best desks, mics, and hardware when booked in advance (including standards like the 1176, the classic Pultec EQ1P-1A, the beautiful Neve 33609, and the don of audio hardware - the Fairchild 670). 


production suite

from £850

access a beautiful custom built studio with some of the best audio gear available.

perfect for artists, musicians, record labels, directors and producers of visual media, TV + film

  • 500 sq foot studio with large lounge area 

  • award winning audio hardware, mics, analog synths, and virtual instrument libraries

  • passionate producers and talented audio engineers

  • 75 inch 4k playback TV 

  • Private bar / pool table

  • 8 seater sofa 

We have access to a wide variety of outboard gear and sought after audio hardware available to hire with your studio session at a small additional cost.

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multi-genre DANCE MUSIC production

// ghost producer // shadow producer

Some of your favourite artist's tracks may be the work of a ghost producer. Get more bookings, keep all of your royalties, and release an original piece of music that fits seamlessly into your live sets.


A 'ghost producer' or 'shadow producer' is someone who creates tracks for other artists and is typically not credited for their contributions. Modern DJs understand that releasing original music will typically lead to more bookings, streams, and a larger audience. DJs who don’t know how to produce music to the same standard as the tracks they play usually hire a good shadow producer. This means the DJs can release quality music and boost their careers without any music production knowledge. Shadow producing (or ghost production) means the DJ doesn’t have to credit the producer - keeping the consumer focused on the DJ or artist.

for DJs, producers, record labels

from £800

multi-genre SONG production

// music production for artists

Combine our synths, instruments, and vast selection of virtual instruments recorded at the highest resolutions with the skill and passion from our lead composer and we can make a studio quality composition from a simple idea, phrase, chord, or melody.

Proactively making the music for a singer, rapper, or music artist. You might be able to come up with song or melody ideas but just don't have the skills and knowledge to build a professional sounding track. We'll make your backing track, record vocals and instruments, and mix them to sit perfectly together for a 'radio quality' production that belongs to you - you keep 100% of the royalties.

for vocalists, artists, rappers, producers, record labels

from £1250

composition for TV + FILM SCORE 

// music production for film, TV, theatre + media producers

Some of the most emotional scenes in TV, film, and theatre trigger emotion through the soundtrack. Quality scoring by a passionate producer in the perfect studio - award winning gear, 4k 70 inch playback TV, and a private bar / coffee station.

Enhance your visual footage with an original soundtrack that completely transforms the viewing experience and keeps the eyes of the audience glued to the screen. 

for directors and producers of visual media, TV + film, radio

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