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Music Recording + Production Studio // Private Hire

Unleash your potential from £25/hr 

Access award winning audio equipment in our spacious, secure, acoustically treated private production studio with a 16sqft recording booth. Our recording studio is capable of quality recording and precision playback using award winning speakers and powerful microphones.

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  • Large, comfortable and secure studio

  • Industry standard equipment

  • 16sq ft vocal // instrument recording booth

  • Interconnecting isolated recording booth

  • Plug and play into most laptops 

  • Precision playback on award winning monitors

  • Panoramic view from the workbench into the booth

Perfect for a producer recording vocals, a mixing engineer or small band and engineer. If you’re new to recording and producing, there’s always someone you can shout who will assist with any questions or issues.

We have a great selection of mics available in house and SSL USB plug and play interface standard in each studio.


We can provide access to some of the industry’s best desks, mics and hardware (including mic, desk, and the legendary, something, something, something, something XXX).


See our full equipment and what is provided with your booking below.

Bring your friends, co-producers, vocalists, engineers or just your laptop!

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