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Music Production + Songwriting

from £850

Proactively making the music for a singer, rapper or music artist. You might be able to come up with song or melody ideas but just don't have the skills and knowledge to build a professional sounding track. We'll make your backing track, record vocals and instruments and mix them to sit perfectly together for a 'radio quality' production that belongs to you - you keep 100% of the royalties.


✓ Full ownership / distribution rights

✓ Studio recording time in the Client Studio Suite

✓ Recording and mixing engineer

✓ 7-day turnaround on the first draft

✓ Production revisions until it’s right

✓ Talented multi-genre producer

✓ Online or in-person



Quality, original and 100% royalty free custom compositions from the same talented and passionate producer every time - produced in our private client studio using award winning hardware, software and virtual instruments. 

House / Tech House3 Demos
00:00 / 01:04
Drum and Bass3 Demos
00:00 / 01:04
UK Bass + Garage3 Demos
00:00 / 01:04
Dubstep 3 Demos
00:00 / 01:04

Enquire online;

If you'd like to speak to someone about your project, please call us on 0161 531 3829

Production Enquiry

Price guide:


Royalty free instrumental composition - £850 / 4 min track


Optional extras;

  • Vocal mixing + £150 

  • 36 Stem mix and master + £200 / 4 min track

  • Studio recording time with music producer and engineer + £150 / 3hr session

How it works in 5 steps;

1 - Meet your producer and engineer (in our client studio suite or online via zoom/skype)​

2 - Explain the vision for your track. We’ll discuss and listen to some demos and put together an idea of your tracks qualities;

  • Genre - pop, hip-hop, grime, rock, drill, indie, house, DnB, trap, dub

  • Feel and tempo - happy, heavy, emotional, powerful, relaxing

  • Arrangement - verse, chorus, build-ups, breakdowns, intro and ending


3 - If you’re a vocalist we’ll arrange a time and date that suits you to record your vocals. This can be done in our client studios, or in a recording studio closes to you. 

4 - Listen to your audio demo in our client studio or at home (via online live audio transfer) and discuss any revisions or changes. 

5 - Your track will then be sent to our mixing and mastering engineer. 


Once you’re happy with the mix and masters - the track, EP or album is done and ready for distribution! 


If you need help sending your demos to record labels or releasing your music independently we will advise as much as possible.  

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